Michelle Katona's abstract, and often called Bohemian, style was conceived in the midst of communist Hungary. Having noted her advanced talent for drawing as a young girl, her parents sent her to study in Florence. Afterwards, she then returned to Hungary to study with several masters and then under the world renowned painter Endre Szasz.

Michelle moved on as an illustrator in a publishing house creating drawings and etchings. Her copper and zinc plates were used for limited edition reproductions. They were distributed throughout the world and displayed in both public and private exhibitions. She began to work with acrylics and oils on her own, exploring various styles and printing. Her work became well known for its free flowing lines that reflect motion and emotion.

As Michelle developed her art, she craved to expand her knowledge and came to the United States. The art community in Los Angeles embraced Michelle, allowing her to further develop her mastery. Almost immediately she became a recognized artist through her numerous art shows and installments.

Michelle was well received by art critics and became an active member of the American Fine Art Institute. Through her involvement and collaboration, she was elected as Member of the Board Exhibition.

She is now an active member of the art community, nurturing and teaching young artists, and dreams of creating a cultural center for both developing and established artists.

Her current project is a large commission series for a private estate. The collection will include giant size oil paintings with a Renaissance influence. These works of art will be available for exhibit after the completion of the mansion, where they will permanently reside.